Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Mundane in Gaming

I was wondering why I found it refreshing to hang out in GTA IV or increase social links in Persona 3. While reading this article I realized that It was the mundane nature of those activities and the seemingly novel aspect of the mundane in gaming that compelled me. Only a few games have successfully conveyed the mundane. Some examples include Animal Crossing's real time outings or Shenmue's exploration. Usually the mundane occurs in isolated bursts or are non-core features, like vending a soft drink in Half-life or star gazing in Morrowwind. Any other games that have the mundane as a significant component, successful or not?

[In this editorial, Gamasutra Editor At Large Chris Remo takes a look at some of the alternatively laid back and frenetic design angles within Grand Theft Auto IV, making a case that it's the slow periods of gameplay that make the title's longevity as much as the big action sequences.] Having just played through Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto IV, whose story I completed a few minutes ago, I wanted to comment on the design ...

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